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Leonardo Bellini Acoustic Soprano at Ukulele Corner
My Leonardo Bellini
I have seen a quote that in the 1920's "Mandolin Makers were more common than Pizzerias in Italy". That may or may not be true but there were a lot of them and some of them turned their hand to making Ukuleles and Banjoleles as well. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information on most of them beyond the paper label in the sound hole.
Here is the ones I have seen so far, with any other information I have found on them

Francesco Perretta

From Naples - Dallas was the UK distributor (don't have a picture)

Leonardo Bellini

From Naples, made all sorts of instruments and was quite prolific 

Monzino & Garlandini

From Milan - Founded in 1750 by Antonio Monzino making Violins and Guitars the firm continued as A Monzino until 1905 when Antonio Monzino V was joined by his brother in law Charles Garlandini and the company change name. Ukuleles were added to the catalogue by 1933. After WWII the company name changed again to Mogar and specialised in making Guitars but there were Mogar branded Ukuleles too. Guitar production finished in the late 1960's and Ukulele production probably finished then too, if not earlier, but the company is still in business as a musical instrument distributor today.

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