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Haleakala of Maui by I Takamori Soprano Ukulele
Haleakala Soprano
Though in other parts of the world the Ukulele has gone in and out of fashion a few times, in Hawaii it has always held a bit more popularity (though here too it has had upturns and downturns) I have entries for the makers of the first half of the 20th century and entries for the current ones so here is the entries for some of the luthiers and firms who tried to produce quality Ukuleles in the 2nd half of the 20th century even in the last quarter when they were really in a downturn but are no longer in business today.

Les Rietfors

A Hawaiian luthier who made Ukuleles and Guitars on Oahu. He started production in about 1986 and died in 2005. He was well respected as a maker

Takamori & Son - Kapalai

Kapalai was the brand name used by a Hawaiian luthier, probably of Japanese origin with the family name Takamori, he took the name from the street his workshop was located in. The firm started in 1954 and reputedly finished on the senior Mr. Takamori's death in 1974, (so it is unclear how much the son mentioned played in the operation?). I have also read that he used Grover tuners and that although he didn't use Koa his instruments were of good quality and a lot of local Hawaiians brought them. I Have seen 43cm (17in) standard Tenors and Jumbo Tenors with a 48cm (19in) scale so can be tuned as a Tenor or as a Baritone s well as Sopranos

I. Takamori - Haleakala (of Maui)

The headstock of this Ukulele says pretty much everything I know about this maker and I guess its is a different Takamori from the ones behind Kapalia because of the bridge design, but I'm not at all sure?
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