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Walkiki Soprano Pineapple Ukulele
Waikiki Pineapple
There are a number of Australasian importers and retailers who have a range of Ukuleles they import, usually from China, and then brand with their own name. They are usually better than the budget end, (though may include a budget end model) and some can be quite good quality

AMS (Australasian Music Supplies)

Founded in Melbourn in 1978 this claims to be Australia's largest Musical Instrument distributor. As ever with this sort of company it is sometimes difficult to tell outside of the famous ones like Mahalo and Lag, which brands they actually own and which they just distribute? One I'm fairly sure they own is a Bluegrass folk range of Guitars, Mandolins and Banjos called Brydon. Included in this range is a Soprano and a Concert scale Ukulele Banjo, but no actual all wood Ukuleles.

the Music Warehouse

This is a major NZ distributor and reseller who has a Chordophone house brand called Carlos. As well as Guitars and things they have a number of Ukuleles under this branding from the colourful budget one on; and it includes a Concert and a Tenor in the range too. In 2014 they added a second house brand Kiwi Soprano This is another range of colourful budget Ukuleles, all Soprano, (hence the name), and "Designed in New Zealand"


This was budget to mid range of Ukuleles owned by Kurt Jacob & Co. an Australian distributor also known as KJ Music it appears they have stopped distribution of it in 2013. There was all the standard scales, using the usual range of woods from laminate nato to solid koa. At one point they did copies of famous historic Ukulele brands like Favella's Winbrola or Harmony's Vita and contemporary ones like Boat Paddle's M-series and KoAloha's Scepter. (definitely a different brand to any other Waikiki brands listed in the database but its a very popular name).

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