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Ashton Budget soprano at Ukulele Corner
My Budget Ashton Soprano
There are a number of Australasian importers and retailers who have a range of Ukuleles they import, usually from China, and then brand with their own name. They are usually better than the budget end, (though may include a budget end model) and some can be quite good quality


Founded in Sidney in 1997 they distribute pretty much the whole gamut of standard musical instruments, wind, percussion, strings, electrics and the peripherals to go with them; and they certainly distribute to Europe too. All of the instruments and made in China and fit at the lower end of the quality range but the firm makes a big deal of everything being "Designed in Australia". I wouldn't be surprised to find a Chinese parent company behind them but I am not sure. With Ukuleles they have a widely distributed Budget range plus some better quality Sopranos, Concerts and Tenors, some of which are suppose to be solid wood and all which feature the distinctive Ashton sloped and pointed headstock
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