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Homeland Soprano
Homeland Soprano
There are a lot of Ukulele factories in China, usually in Guangzhou, and whilst some of them make the famous brands that are distributed internationally, (and some don't respect copyright), they also produce other less famous brands that only get very limited distribution. These may be the factory "house" brands or may be a limited trial run and they never really went into production, (but then a trial run of 500 is more than some luthiers will ever make)? I haven't found the information to be more specific, but some of these brands are as good as the famous ones made along side them so deserve some recognition.
Some of the factories will have used more than one of the brand names on otherwise identical models of Ukulele and I am finding the more I look into it that some of these "manufacturers" are really only Ukulele distributors and by this I mean that a company that specialises in making say Guitars or Violins is asked by a customer to supply Ukuleles as well. Instead of making the Ukuleles themselves, although they probably could, they buy them from one of the other factories and sell them on as their own; making it hard to work out who exactly makes them? Anyway here is what I have found.

Beiyin Hardware Electronic Processing Department

Huizhou City Huiyang District Qiuchang Town Beiyin Hardware Electronic Processing Department (for the full name- with address) specializes in the research and development, manufacture and marketing of musical instrument accessories. They appear to own the Homeland brand, but I don't think they actually make them?

Densun Musical Instrument Co.

A factory in Huizhou city and a sales office in Hong Kong. The company started out making cases but is now making Ukuleles as well. Brands that I have seen Densun distribute, (and possibly make?), include Dant, Febikuo and Ziko, but there may be more? (I know they distributed Woodtone branded instrument too and looking at the location of the factories and the similarity of some of the headstocks I think the Woodtone factory may be behind some - but not all - of their other brands?)

Huasheng Musical Instrument Co.

I have no information outside of, (their website doesn't seem to work very well) which says they were founded in 2006 and are based in Changshu, Jiangsu. As well as Ukuleles they sell Guitars, Mandolins, Violins and toy pianos all of which they claim to make. I have seen them use the brand names Banana Moon and Okika as well as Huasound. I have seen Sopranos and Tenors in their catalogue and they all look VERY budget. From the peanut example I would guess they have done some OEM work for Bugsgear?

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