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Julius Borges
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Jeff Burger - Digging Stick

From Turtle River, Minnesota, and there use to be an explanation of the brand name name on the website, (but the website seems to have gone now?), plus a lot of information about how his Ukuleles are made from only sustainable resources. He only appears to make Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles and used the branding Only Uke as well. I have also read that Jeff Berger was a pseudonym?

Julius Borges

From Groton, Massachusetts, he started in the late 1980's and works full time as a luthier. However he primarily builds Guitars and has only made a couple of Ukuleles

Melanie Wiltse - Strums and Drums

She is based in Rudolph, Wisconsin and hand makes all sorts of one off musical instrument including Native American Drums, (she is a member of the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians), Harps, (she has a separate website called Harpsongs for these), Mountain Dulcimers, Strumsticks and of course Ukuleles. She likes to make unusual body shapes in either Soprano or Tenor Scales and also uses a "crackle finish" occasionally to make the Ukuleles more distinctive. Other innovations she has tried include double necks, Ukulele Strumsticks and she has made quite a few Lili'us too.

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