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Do Souto Soprano Ukulele
Do Souto
Though this part of the world is much keener on their own kinds of folk Chordophone, (like the Brazilian Cavaco, the Venezuelan Cuatro, the Colombian Tiple and the Bolivian Charrango), and have a tradition of building them locally, there are some makers that have produced a range of Ukuleles too. Then, like everywhere else in the world, there are some local instrument distributors that import for China, (usually), and brand them with their own name for local resale too

Do Souto

Based in Rio de Janeiro, and possibly founded in 1929(?) certainly before 1979, (that's the date on the oldest cavaquinho I have seen from them) I can't find a lot else out about them. it looks like they are, or were some kind of collective of luthiers with the actual luthier who made the instrument putting his name, (along with the date of manufacture) on the sound hole label in the past but this doesn't seem to always happen now? The are much more famous for their Cavacos and Bandolims but now on their website catalogue they include a model that is labeled as, and clearly meant to be, (no translation error here), a Ukulele. It also seems to have a business name of Ao Bandolim de Ouro (which translates roughly as "the Golden Mandolin") but I don't know how this fits?

Izzo Musical Instruments Ltd

Founded in San Paolo, Brazil in 1918, Izzo Musical Instruments Ltd is now a major Brazilian manufacturer importer and distributor of musical instruments and accessories. In a fairly large line of brands they own and distribute there is Kalani, their own brand of Chinese manufactured Ukuleles, coming in all of the standard Scales including Baritone and in two finishes, natural and tobacco (the difference is the tobacco is a darker shade of varnish; they are all fairly low end laminate Ukuleles). As well as these Ukuleles they distribute an imported range of Cavacos called Winner and they distribute a range of Guitars called Dolphin, some of which they make in Brazil


Founded in 1999 by someone called Chang Chin, Marquês started out as a Brazilian maker of Cavacos. In the intervening years they have added a lot of chordophones, both Brazilian folk types and more international, to their range, including some Ukuleles. They are, I believe, based in San Paolo but my Portuguese is sadly no better than my Japanese and it doesn't say on the website. I am not sure if the instrument are made in Brazil or China, but from the Cavaco examples I have seen they make some very imaginative instruments and I haven't seen anything similar from a Chinese factory?

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