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Though this part of the world is much keener on their own kinds of folk Chordophone, (like the Brazilian Cavaco, the Venezuelan Cuatro, the Colombian Tiple and the Bolivian Charrango), and have a tradition of building them locally, there are some makers that have produced a range of Ukuleles too. Then, like everywhere else in the world, there are some local instrument distributors that import for China, (usually), and brand them with their own name for local resale too

Pinol Guitars

According to their publicity, founded in 1934 by Ivan Jimenez Jerez, and with the main outlet for selling them now based in Florida USA the instruments are, (and always have been), made in Central America, (and if there is truth in the 1934 claim only available from there for most of the time though I'm not sure which country and I have asked). The output, as the name suggests is mainly Guitars, but for a few years now the catalogue has included a Baritone Ukulele, (possibly originally made as some kind of Cuatro?) but in 2013 they introduced Soprano and Concert scale Ukuleles and a Taropatch Baritone model. Pinol alway brand the name into the upper bout of the soundboard and are generally cocobolo rosewood back and sides with a spruce or cedar soundboard with quite a high gloss finish

Prism Imports - GBSpro

Founded in 2008 by Prism Events, (a promotion company around Curitiba - Paraná), They import a number of Instruments from China including Guitars and some fairly budget looking Ukuleles which they brand as GBSpro

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