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There are a number of European importers and retailers who have a range of Ukuleles they import, usually from China, and then brand with their own name. They are usually better than the budget end, (though may include a budget end model) and some can be quite good quality


This is a West Yorkshire, UK based importer of a variety of instruments and whilst I am not 100% sure which they are just distributors for and which they actually brand, (I know they just distribute Eastman for example), but (and in decreasing sureness) I think they own the brand Lani which is a range of traditional and contemporary, (they have sound holes in odd places and use different tonewoods), Ukuleles in all sizes. It says they are designed in the USA but they are made in China and Indonesia. Not the best choice of name as Lani is also the name of a range of Lanikai Ukuleles? I have never seen them on sale outside of Europe. I believe they own Tonewood, A range of Banjos, Mandolins and the like, that include a couple of Banjoleles that are clearly from the Dae Won factory and they use this branding for their retail arm the Music Room At one stage the brand included at least Soprano Ukuleles, but these appear to have gone now; possibly because of the Lani branding? Then there is Heartwood, an almost identical range to the Tonewood one including rebranded Dae Won Banjoleles?, (I don't get the marketing here if they are both Acoustica brands? However I haven't found anyone else distributing them?)
They use to distribute Moana Ukuleles too, before iMusicnetwork came along - there has been a change of logos but as they have now gone from the Acoustica catalogue I assume it is still the same brand - Now I see all of the online presence of Acoustica has gone so I think they might be out of business?


Founded in 2005, this is a German based importer of a variety of Guitars and I am not 100% if they are just a distributors or if they actually own any of the brands, (I know they just distribute Maton for example), but they are now the distributors for Moana a range of fairly conservative laminate and solid wood, (the higher the model number the better the wood quality and 55 appears to be the base range), Ukuleles in the standard scale lengths from Soprano to Baritone. This is their main branding for Ukuleles but they also have a range of resonator Guitars in their catalogue branded Paramount, (nothing to do with Lange's pre war Banjo brand), that includes a Soprano resonator Ukulele and a number of other brands that do appear to include Ukuleles.

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