Nalu Ahua Soprano
Ahua Soprano
Nalu Concert
Hokua Superconcert
Nalu Kiakoo Tenor
Kiako'o Tenor
Nalu apparently means wave in Hawaiian, but in this case its a company based in Los Angeles, California founded in 2011 who market 4 ranges of, (very expensive for a Chinese import), Ukulele with a laser etched wave motif on the sound hole. The ranges are:

Ahua - Simple solid mahogany with few embellishments, PPS nut and saddle. All acoustic with a matte finish, in Soprano, Concert, Superconcert or Tenor Scale

Hokua - Mahogany with binding and lots of inlay, Black Tusq nut and saddle. Can be acoustic or electro-acoustic (with a cutaway), gloss or matte finish and comes in Soprano, Concert, Superconcert or Tenor Scale

Kaiko’o - Sitka Spruce top with Zebrawood back and sides, binding, and lots of inlay. Can be acoustic or electro-acoustic, (with a cutaway), a black gloss finish and comes in Concert, Superconcert or Tenor Scale

Papakea - Sitka Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides; and a Maple fretboard. Acoustic or electro-Acoustic, Superconcert Tenor or Baritone, pin bridge and no fret markers beyond the 7th fret logo

One extra for the money though is they promise to send the owner a new set of strings every year

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