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Opal duell frame tenor Ukulele
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Opal Tenor hybrid Ukulele
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Opal Sword Tenor Ukulele
The Sword

Founded in 2015, in Pomona, California, by Scott Dordick on the back of his photographic equipment factory, with luthier help from Sam Radding. Initially they started out using the name Duell with an oval hole in the center of the headstock but the hole was removed and the name was changed to Opal Instruments.

They started out making 3 models of electric Tenor, all with an aluminium frame for the body, (the neck is a standard sort of wooden one). One had a wooden top and back on an aluminium frame to be electric / acoustic, the other two were just skeletal frame designs, the Open Frame and the Sword. The Sword has now been discontinued, (though it kind of lives on as an option on the Open Frame, with a second strut from the bridge to the outer frame as an armrest), but it has been replaced with an all wood model, similar in design to the Wooden Top but with no frame and the back and sides routed out from a block of wood. They still only make Tenor scale Ukuleles but the oval hole in the center of the headstock has come back.

They also make a 6 string Guitar with a similar design to the Wooden Top.

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