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Ozark 2035 Banjolele
Ozark model 2035 Banjolele
musima made Ozark Banjolele banjo ukulele from the 1970's
Musima made Ozark from 1970s
Ozark low g Concert Ukulele
2011 Ozark Soprano
Stentor, founded in 1895, is a UK based manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments that was founded at the beginning of the 20thc. Currently they have their own factory in China where they make orchestral stringed instruments. They are currently the UK distributor for Mahalo Ukuleles and historically they have distributed a number of Ukulele brands over the years though, including Maya, I have never seen any actually branded Stentor.

Ozark is the main brand name Stentor currently gives to the Guitars and Folk instruments it distributes. These are not made at its own Chinese factory and the range includes Banjoleles (made by Daewon in China) and they did, but no longer have Ukuleles (made by Hora in Romania). In the past they have been made by a number of other OEM manufacturers from around the world

They have also distributed a range of Budget Sopranos made in China with the brand name Red Star but these are no longer being produced

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