Guitarras Palmer

palmer spanish baritone ukulele
palmer spanish baritone ukulele
Thanks Haley for the Photos
Well I've had a look and so far I have been able to find nothing on a guitar maker in Valencia called Palmer from any period, never mind the 60's when this Ukulele obviously dates from, so all I have to go on is the sound hole label and the look of the thing. Without the sound hole label I would say it was a Japanese or Taiwanese made Baritone, (not that I have ever seen a Spanish one from this period) one thing is for sure though, as a Baritone Ukulele it certainly isn't a "Traditional guitar of Valencia Spain" 

Tiki King in his database lists them as being made in Taiwan RoC and that it should have the sticker on the back of the headstock saying this. This one doesn't but they are often removed so I will take his word that its a Taiwanese Brand

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