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Peavey prototype Guitarlele and Ukulele
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Peavey Jack Daniel's composer Acoustic Concert ukulele
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Peavey Marvel Soprano ukulele
Major League Soprano
Peavey started out as an US amplifier manufacturer in the mid 1960's and started making Guitars in 1977. They claim to be the first company to use CNC technology to make Guitars. As far as I can see they are still an independent company run by the founder Hartley Peavey and still looking to be close to the forefront of instrument technology with things like Carbon Fibre Guitars.

In 2012 they introduced a Ukulele model into the range, (I have seen no evidence they produced any Ukuleles prior to this). I'm not sure of the which came first but Peavey did a deal with Jack Daniels, (the US whisky maker) and started to produce Jack Daniels branded instruments, one of which is a Concert Ukulele. They also started producing an identical but less branded version they call the Composer. (as some still have Jack Daniels on the headstock so I suspect the JD sponsored one came first?), and a Composer Guitalele. They have also done a deal with Marvel Comics too and they are producing some Marvel action hero themed ones (from the photos the build looks quite budget?) On the website they appear to be embracing this licenced product themed instruments having done deals with a number of other famous brands including DC Comic, (cornering the superhero market?), Star Wars, (no the whole nerd market!) and Simpson, though I haven't seen any Peavey branded Ukuleles for these others, (I have seen lots of Simpsons Ukuleles though?). A licenced product Peavey branded set of Ukuleles I have seen though is Major League Baseball with a number of teams having Ukuleles in their colours; this doesn't appear on the website though?

Peavey has taken on a number of other brands like Trace Elliot, Budda and Composite Guitars but none of these have any Ukuleles in their catalogue.

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