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Tom Cedar & Rosewood Acoustic Soprano at Ukulele Corner
My Cedar & Rosewood Soprano
Tom "Thumb" Nato Acoustic Soprinino at Ukulele Corner
My Tom Sopranino
Tom is a fairly large Chinese Ukulele brand. They are not widely distributed in the rest of the world but as I own two examples they are clearly out there for people to find. As a brand they also follow most of the problems I get when trying to get firm information on Chinese branded Ukuleles without major distribution, (its true I get the same problems with Kala, Ohana and the like but in their case I concentrate on the distributor rather than the maker so I suppose its is fair to do that here.)

The first problem I have finding out about Tom is that a number of firms say they own the brand? Queen Musical Instrument Co. of Changxing Industrial Park ,Huizhou City. Guangdong is the company that have the Tom Ukulele Website so it almost certainly is the case they own the brand name and are the primary distributors, however I doubt they are the makers. They may make woodwind instruments under the Queen brand but with the Ukuleles the problems start when you look at other Chinese distributors catalogues and you see Ukuleles branded Tom featured in them too? But they are compounded when you see other Ukuleles with different brand names that are clearly identical to Tom Ukuleles and have been made by the same people in the same factory. A classic example here is my Fishuku. This is a fairly distinctive shaped Ukulele but nevertheless I have seen and Identical shaped Ukulele branded as Tom so clearly they were made in the same factory and my best guess for that factory is Sinomusic's factory. Now it could be the case that there is a parent company that Sinomusic and QMI sit under? There is certainly another Hong Kong based firm involved somehow with Tom on their website called Rose Music?

Anyway to the Ukuleles themselves the Tom catalogue features Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale Ukuleles in a variety of laminate and solid woods plus the mahogany laminate Sopranino, but no Baritones, (and no Banjoleles).

I Have seen Ukuleles branded QMI that look identical to some of the Tom range so though I haven't seen definitive proof. I'm reasonably sure its a Queen Musical Instrument brand too.

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