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Skylark Soprano and Box
1970's MY-109 Soprano with its box
1960's Chinese made Skylark Soprano Ukulele
1980's Skylark
2013 Chinese Skylark Tenor
2013 Skylark Tenor

The label says these were made in Shanghai back in the days when China was still a very strict communist dictatorship. These were small for a Soprano and not of very good quality, often still coming with wooden push tuners even in the last quarter of the 20th century, however for a while in this period they were, with their other PDRC contemporaries, the only cheap Ukuleles being made and were even imported to Hawaii to sell as cheap tourist souvenirs. They are clearly different for the Shanghai contemporaries Lark and though there are some similarities with Parrot there is a good distance between Shanghai and Tianjin so I don't think they are directly connected However there are DragonflyRuyiYuansheng and Plum Blossoms branded Ukuleles that clearly did come from the Skylark factory.

This factory made a large range of common chordophones as well as Ukuleles, like the Violin Family, Mandolins and Guitars

In 2013, I have seen on sale in Australia, a Tenor Ukulele claiming to be the same brand? It is using some similar looking labelling in the sound hole, (but not the bright blue), and looks like a standard low end Chinese Ukulele. Whether it does have any connection with the original brand I don't know?

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