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Greg Bennett Samick Baritone Ukulele
Samick Greg Bennett Baritone
Samick Greg Bennett concert Ukulele
2014 Samick Tenor
Samick Moana Graffiti series Pineapple Concert Ukulele
Moana "Pineapple" Concert
Samick in a Korean manufacturer founded in 1958 though in 1992 it opened a factory in Indonesia and most if not all of the chordophones are now made there. It started as a piano manufacturer but fairly quickly added guitars to the catalogue, with an American called Greg Bennett as the chief designer. In the beginning they just made Guitars, but over the years they have added Mandolins, Banjos, and in the 2000's Ukuleles to the range and branded them Samick Greg Bennett

In 2013 they stopped branding the Ukuleles, Mandolins and Banjos with the Greg Bennett name though they are still using it for some Guitars, (Greg Bennett Website). They are still making Ukuleles though, its just that now why are only branded Samick. When they were making Samick Greg Bennett Ukuleles, they only made Concerts in 3 different wood choices and a Baritone in the range. The new Samick range has a different oval sound hole and comes as Soprano Concert, Tenor and Baritone, (though no wood choices). 

They have added another range of Ukuleles to their catalogue too, It's called Moana, (which is apparently the Hawaiian word for the sea?) and comes as Soprano Concert, Tenor and Baritone, in a number of laminate or wood options including a deluxe solid koa range. it is possible they are phasing out Samick Ukuleles for this branding?

Samick also do OEM for a number of major US Guitar makers, most famously Epiphone, (for whom they make all of the Ukulele Models) and in 2014 they resurrected the Silvertone brand name though so far only for Guitars. They were a partner in and made Hondo Guitars until 1989 they own and produce Alesis, Arturia, Vanesse and a number of other musical instrument brands outside of the sphere of Ukuleles

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