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Stadlmeir Avalon Banjolele Banjo Ukulele by Lange
Avalon Banjolele
Stadlmair Miami Tiple Ukulele
Miami Tiple Ukulele
Stadlmair Miami Baby Sopranino Ukulele by Turturro
Miami "Baby"
Henry Stadlmair Co. Inc. founded in 1923, were another of the big New York Musical Instrument distributors of the 1920's who appear to have gone out of business after the Wall St. Crash. As with most of the distributors of the time they didn't actually make instruments just brand them often with their own brand names, and distribute them. They were the East Coast distributors of Hermann Weissenborn of Los Angeles for example. Their brands, well they certainly sold some Guitars just branded as Stadlmair so maybe other instruments as well? They sold Banjos branded Ace and Triple X, (I've never seen a Banjolele branded as such though).

Their main brand for Ukuleles and Tiple Ukuleles was Miami. These were probably made by Tuarturro or Oscar Schmidt, however they also included this branding in the Weissenborn instruments they distributed.

Their main brand they used for Banjoleles was Avalon and these were made by Lange - They did also have Avalon Ukuleles too and none of these were anything to do with the Avalon Ukuleles branded by Dallas in the UK

All of their Ukuleles were endorsed by "Ukulele" Hughes, (who was a radio star of the time and wrote a popular "play the Ukulele" manual) on the sound hole label

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