Paul (and Harold) Summers

1920s paul summers soprano Ukulele with book
Waikiki with Paul's book
1927 Paul Summers Soprano
1920s paul summers harold Ukulele sound hole label
the Brothers labels
The Summers brothers, Paul and Harold, were not makers but they had the Ukulele concession in the Royal Hawaiian and Moana hotels, (the two best), during the 20's to 40's, (Paul who was the most famous brother, was a member of the "Royal Hawaiians" a famous Hawaiian music band of the time who worked out of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, did lots of radio broadcasts across mainland America and was led by Harry Owens). They gave lessons, wrote tutorials and sold a number of Hawaiian made Ukuleles in these shops, including some branded with the hotel name, (famously the Hawaiian Mahogany Co. made "Royal Hawaiian"), but they also branded their own, often but not exclusively, made by Sam Chang, either as Paul F Summers, or Harold L Summers The Waikiki Ukulele.

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