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Swagerty Surf-a-lele Acoustic Tenor Ukulele Corner
My Surf-a-lele
Replacement bridge
Anyone got an original?
Swagarty Singing Treholipee Tenor Ukulele
Singing Treholipee
Swagerty Little Guitar
Little Guitar
  Ancil Swagerty designed and made some radical Ukuleles in California in the late 50's through to the 1970's, He even started a proper firm to make them called "Swagerty Specialties Company, Artistry in Woods". The designs he did at that time were known as the "Kooky Ukes" and are now considered very innovative and influential. The idea behind the long head stocks here is suppose to be that you can stick the Ukulele head first into the sand while you are surfing at the beach, (alternatively, until this Swagerty was known purely as an artist and these were meant more as object d'art?) The firm ceased trading in the early 1970's

They are Tenor scale with a plastic fretboard and a zero fret, plastic push friction tuners and a (kind of) floating bridge. They are made of beech ply, quite thin in the body like a Travel Ukulele and apparently surprise everyone with how good they sound for what they appear to be there was also a 3 string strumstick kind of Kooky Uke and a double neck version, (that was supposedly never sold commercially but just given to Swagerty's friends?)

The Polk-a-Lay-Lee was not part of this series it was a copying the theme and made by Petersen

The "Little Guitar" is also not part of the "Kooky Ukes" series but it was made by Swagerty as kind of the follow up. It wasn't as popular and I don't think Swagerty designed any more Ukuleles after it

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