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Boat Paddle M Series Tenor ukulele
Boat Paddle ML Series Tenor
Jerry Hoffmann Luthierie A Series Custom Tenor Ukulele
Hoffmann A series Tenor
Founded in 2005 as Boat Paddle by blacksmith and luthier Jerry Hoffmann and based in New Haven, Missouri, the original standard ranges are, for a Ukulele not very standard, all being a kind of paddle shape. The main design they use is called the M series and comes in Soprano to Baritone scale with a number of customisation options, (I have even seen a resonator version and extra strings). The Kayak comes in Soprano, Concert or Tenor and the 12 fret as a Concert or Tenor. These two are less customisable but they all come in a variety of woods. In 2013 they introduced a fourth range they call the A style, (based on an A style Mandolin), as a Soprano or Concert and 2 more traditionally shaped Ukulele Ranges. Following this the T series is a standard figure 8 based roughly on a Martin and the D series with a standard lower bout but a offset upper one, both of these come as Concert or Tenor. Another not-traditional design aspect, certainly of the newer models is the nut. Instead of having a groove in the nut for each string there is a flat nut with a single pin in which combined with the offset of the tuner placement holds the string in the correct alignment.

In 2015, tired of being asked about making actual paddles for boats, Hoffmann change the company name and replaced the distinctive P on the headstock for a distinctive H

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