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Epiphone Les Paul Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele Corner
My 2011 Les Paul Vintage Sunburst Concert
Epiphone by Gibson Mandobird IV electric Mandolin Ukulele Corner
My Mandobird IV
Epiphone existed as an independent company producing high quality chordophones in New York for most of the first half of the 20th Century, (and I have covered this part of Epiphone's history elsewhere) but in 1957, in virtual bankruptcy, they were taken over by Gibson.

With the takeover Gibson increasingly used the Epiphone brand name for the budget end of its line and for things that it didn't want to closely associated with the main brand, (like overseas production and a reintroduction of Ukuleles to test the water.)

In 1997 three models of Ukulele were released under the Epiphone Label, the Lanai (with a plastic fretboard), the Molokai and the Kauai. These were all fairly budget and were only in production for a couple of years.

In 2009 Epiphone released some much higher quality mahogany or koa Concert scale Ukuleles in their Masterbilt Acoustic range and in 2010 some Indonesian made official Les Paul Ukuleles (as Mahalo particularly was producing a lot of LP shaped models. (These have gone from 3 colour to 2 colour sunburst in 2013)

One last thing to mention, though not technically a Ukulele was the Mandobird IV electric Mandolin. This did come as a 8 string version too but almost all of the 4 string ones I have seen have been set up and tuned as Ukuleles. Originally they came in 5 different finishes but these were reduced over the years until only the vintage sunburst was left and production finished altogether in 2013 (The Mandobird VIII only ever came in vintage sunburst)

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