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The George Formby Society is itself not a Ukulele Maker or Distributor it is a Club based in the UK set up to celebrate the output of British Music Hall and Movie star George Formby. The reason I have included it here is that a requirement of membership is that members own and play a Banjolele. As the club has been in existence for some time, has quite a few members and it has not always been easy to find a decent Banjolele to buy, over the years they have persuaded quite a few Luthiers to make Banjoleles for them. This started with Jack Abbott the former owner of the Abbott Banjo Co. and is still the case today

Ron Beddoes

He started making Banjoleles late in life in the 1970's at the behest of the GFS. Most of his Banjoleles were called "New Concert" with an NC logo, but he made a few "Alan Randall" special models, (Alan Randall was a George Formby tribute act). Ill health caused him to stop and he was superseded by Ron Spiers.

Ron Spiers

He took over making Banjoleles for the George Formby Society in the 1980's when Ron Beddoes had to give up for health reasons. He based his output on classic US designs like Ludwig and Gibson. After him as the GFS supplier was John Claughton.

Gordon Markendale

From Prestatyn, North Wales he was a general luthier and instrument repairer making Guitars and Banjos, who started making Banjoleles in 1991 and started with the GFS shortly after. He made copies of all of the popular, (in the GFS) pre war models. All his instruments were issued with with a Certificate of Authenticity

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