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Kala is probably the biggest Ukulele Brand at the moment. They were founded in 2005 by Mike Upton and they are one of the brands with a head office in California but pretty much all of the Ukuleles are made in China. In 2012 they started production of a solid body U-Bass in the US they called the California S.U.B. range though these are about 3 time the cost of the Chinese made ones and in 2014 they started production of Banjoleles in the US, this time with a price differential of 5 The Chinese range is very large and covers all scales of Ukulele, including Sopraninos, Long Necks and Bass Baritones, plus Resonators, Lili'us and Taropatchs with a lot of different wood finishes, even Banjoleles.

Other branding used by Kala includes a budget range called Makala and this range spans all sizes except Sopranino and includes the part plastic ones, the Dolphin and (starting 2013 to counter all of the fake Dolphins that have been made) the Shark, (these two only come as Soprano though).

They also have a very colourful range called Ukudelic by Kala that started out above the Makala range when it was launched in 2011, but for 2014 they have added extra designs and reclassified this range as Makala Ukudelic

Kala are also the brand that started mass producing the Bass Ukulele (invented by Road Toad with whome they work in conjunction) as U-Bass and have gone on to bring out a range of Solid Body Bass Ukuleles that they call S.U.B. (Solid U-Bass) in 2013 they added a new cheaper U-Bass that used the thinner steel wound strings developed by Pyramid for Stevens Guitars and called this the Rumbler

One final note on other brand names used; when Mike Upton first started his own Company he used the brand name Lahaina but it was decided that this was too close to Lankani, (his previous employer), so it was changed to Kala They no longer use this to brand Ukuleles but it is still the official company name.
This has nothing to do with the Japanese brand launched by Hosco in 2011 called Lahaina

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