George La Foley

La Foley Soprano Ukulele circa 1928
Some Photos by John Croft
George la Foley roundbody Ukulele Corner
My Roundbody Long Neck Sopranino
George La Foley was a British luthier, (or firm, I'm not sure of the size of the operation), manufacturing in London UK through the 1920's Production appears to have ceased in the early 30's, (however they do appear in Beare & Sons 1932 catalogue - price 64 shillings, three times the price of the next most expensive Ukulele). The whole range of common fretted chordophones including Guitars and Mandolins, (but not Banjos), were produced during this period and are reputed to be among the best made in the UK at the time. The makers mark is found inside the body on the base of the neck and there is no external branding but the headstock design, the base of the fret board and the white band around the sound hole are good indicators.

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