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Pat Hawley Tenor Ukulele
Patrick Hawley Tenor
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Don Stawski

From Vancouver Island British Columbia he retired from lutheiry in 2008 Before this he made triangular acoustics in Soprano, Concert and Tenor based on the designs of Doane and solid electric travel Sopranos. I don't know when he started manufacture or anything else about him

Marc Beneteau

From St. Thomas, Ontario, he is largely self taught and started making Guitars in 1974. He still makes mainly Guitars but has made a few Concert and Tenor Ukuleles over the years

Patrick Hawley

From Ottawa, Ontario he has been making Guitars for sale since the mid 2000's and is largely self taught. In 2012 he retired from his day job and started working as a luthier full time. Though he mainly makes Guitars he does include a Tenor Ukulele in his standard catalogue.

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