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Martinez Spanish made Ukulele
When I talk about "Pre War" for Spain, I mean pre Spanish Civil War, another of the precursor events to WWII (during which Spain was neutral).
It is not uncommon, particularly in Europe, to see pre Civil War Spanish Ukuleles, Spain at this period was the home of the "Spanish Guitar" so there were plenty of luthiers and factories plying their trade and a lot of European distributors included Spanish instruments as part of the catalogue, (for example Beare & Sons 1932 catalogue lists 4 Spanish made Ukuleles, but no information beyond they are Spanish). Sometimes they have a paper label inside the sound hole giving the name of the maker, but not always. A lot of the Spanish Ukuleles look more like Guitaricos (and may well have originally been built as such), with golpeadores and saddleless bridges, but the problem is there is not a lot of information on them like the size of the workshop or the quantity or quality of manufacture? Any help would be great.

Juan Goméz

The Workshop was based in Barcelona and he may have had a distribution deal with Windsor

Manuel Lopéz

The label says they were made in Madrid, and the label also shows that this was a J.E.Dallas brand. What I don't know is if Manuel Lopéz was a real person or just and Spanish Sounding pseudonim, (like José Alvarez), and if Dallas owned the brand or just distributed them?


Sadly I don't even have a Given name for this maker let alone a city of manufacture so if anyone has any more information...

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