J.M. Sahlein Music Co.

Jules Sahlein Y Ke Ke  Hawaiian made soprano Ukulele
Hawaiian Mahogany Co.
Jules Sahlein YKeKe Soprano Ukulele
Mainland made
Jules M. Sahlein was a major San Francisco Musical Instrument distributor and one of the first to seriously distribute the Ukuleles being made in Hawaii in the 'teens and 'twenties to the Mainland. In addition to distributing, they also re branded with their most famous brand name being Y'Ke'Ke, (registered in 1926). These Ukuleles were manufactured by a number of makers including some Chicago firms, (as well as the Hawaiian Mahogany Co. I have seen George Mossman, Richter Mfg Co. and Regal) re branded and sold on by Sahlein, (well not so much re-branded as having the Y'Ke'Ke branding put on as well).

Other brand names I know Sahlein registered for use on Instruments, possibly including Ukuleles, (but I haven't seen any Ukuleles branded as such), are Hula Lu (1926), Crest (1927 - I have seen occupied Japanese Ukuleles branded as Crest so possibly made for Sahlein?), Westbrook (1935), Granada (1937), Carlton (1951), Chapelain (1952), Seville (1977 used on Far Eastern Imports), Silvagni, and Jules Revan. I include the registration date if I know it but these may be a re-registration date (which would make the original registration 30 years earlier?)

I have seen a photo of a Merano which I know was a Sahlein registered brand name. The trouble is it's not a great photo so I'm not certain of the age, (though the fretboard end look like a 1960's Japanese made Ukulele), and Tiki King says they were distributed by Merit Musical Instrument Co. (of which I can find no information on?)

I don't know the full history of the company, they lasted certainly until 1990, but they don't appear to be in business today?

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