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Stagg Strat Electric Concert Ukulele Corner
My Black "S" Concert
Stagg Zebra graphic Soprano Ukulele Corner
My Cartoon Zebra
Founded in 1995 with a HQ in Belgium, Stagg is a major European importer and distributor of musical instruments. They do pretty much everything, Guitars, Banjos, Woodwind, Percussion, Brass, Cases, everything! Including a fairly full range of Ukuleles in all scales, going from Budget to Semi-Serious (but not, it appears, Banjoleles super scales or any string options). The better models are made by Hora and re-branded with the rest coming from China including some budget type Sopranos with colourful graphics

I have seen Stagg instruments on sale in the USA, Thailand and Australia as well as Europe and they claim to do worldwide distribution.

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