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Ukelation electric Ukulele
Ukelation electric Ukulele
soprano Ukelation electric Ukulele
Prototype Soprano
This started out as a kickstart project in 2013/14 but the project was unsuccessful so they are being built on an individual basis until they can afford the tooling to go into full production. The project was started by Monty Ross, an electrical engineer, and the idea was to build a Ukulele with an onboard amp, speaker and full set of effects, (electrics designed by Ross). The ones currently being produced are Tenor scale with a small body so a Superconcert, (15 frets to the body), but they have made a Soprano prototype, and this may be added to the range in future. Along with the specialist electrics they come with a choice of exotic wood top veneers though beyond saying that it is reclaimed it doesn't say what the base wood is

Though there is very little current information about what they are doing the last time I checked the Facebook page is still being updated and there is an email address there, along with Facebook messenger for enquiring about obtaining one.

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