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Lunch Box (Pail)
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Clear Top Cookie Tin
so you can see the bar inside
Like the Cigar Box instruments this is traditionally a homemade instrument with a neck of some description being fitted to a small tin of some description. Then strings are added running from the top of the neck to the base of the body and crossing a floating bridge that sits somewhere on the tin. Unlike the Cigar box these always have a floating bridge and so are more Banjo like, they also usually include a perch pole of some description running inside the tin from the neck to the base to strengthen the tin drum otherwise it would deform from the tension from the string, again just like a Banjo - hence Banjolele rather than Ukulele.

When making one of these instruments any tin will do, but the presentation tins that posh biscuits, (or cookies if you speak American English), are ideal in size and thickness, (plus they usually come with kitsch decoration that generally add to the overall look of the instrument?) It doesn't have to be a biscuit tin though and a commonly used alternative is the metal lunch boxes, (or pails if you are American; clearly there is some odd language thing with the Atlantic when describing small tins?), presentation whiskey tins are another, I have even seen one made with a baked bean tin; and there is also the famous South African Petrol Can Guitars.

Again like Cigar Box instruments there are some luthiers who started out making this kind of instrument and still make the odd one for fun and there are a few luthiers who specialise in them and only make them, but I have not seen any large commercial manufacturers add them to their catalogue.

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