"Super" Scales aka Long Neck

Lahaina Mahogany Long Neck Acoustic Soprano (Concert Scale ukulele) circa 2005
My Concert Scale Lahaina
Kala Spruce Top Long Neck Acoustic Soprano ukulele (Tenor Scale)
My Tenor Scale Kala
Steve Caldwall Weazel Wharf Baritone Supersoprano Ukulele
Baritone Scale
Weazel Wharf
The Long Neck or Super Soprano (the name is moot here even down to whether Supersoprano is one word or two?) can come with either a Concert or a Tenor Scale neck, (Baritone Scale ones are possibly a bit OTT but a few luthiers have made them for fun). The Tenor Scale ones are sometimes called Giraffes and I have seen it suggested that if a Soprano with a Concert neck is a Super Soprano, then the Soprano with the Tenor Neck is a Super Super Soprano!.

The idea is that you get a similar tone to that of a Soprano, as it has a soprano size body, but the longer neck gives extra accessible frets so good players have a greater range to play on. a Soprano usually has 12 frets, occasionally up to 14 - a Concert Supersoprano will take this from 14 to 16 plus, and a Tenor starts at 16 and can go to 20

There is no great history behind this scale length; whilst it may be the case that 20th century manufacturers strayed into producing some, they never set out to and wouldn't have made a virtue of having done so. This is purely a 21st century construct for the "new wave" of Ukulele popularity.

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