Team International Music Co.

Mahalo Flying V Acoustic Soprano Ukulele Corner
Rock Series Pink "V"
Mahalo Smile Acoustic Soprano
the original Smile Soprano
Gypsy Rose Acoustic Soprano Ukulele Corner
Gypsy Rose
Team International Music Co is a Taiwan / Chinese manufacturer/distributor of a number of musical instruments founded in 1990. Their catalogue includes The whole Violin Family up to Double Basses, a number of Guitar ranges including S.X. and Valencia and a number of Ukulele ranges plus cases and accessories including the nubone range of synthetic saddles and nuts. In addition to their own brands they do some OEM work for others to brand too. They are getting more international now, having opened an Indonesian factory in 2013.


This is their biggest brand and it has all scales from Soprano to Baritone in it plus a Guitalele. It was started in 1999 when Japanese Distributor Kikutani Music registered the name for use in Japan and got Team International to produce them OEM. As Kikutani Music only distributes in Japan, Team International took the brand for themselves to market in the rest of the world. In addition to the original Budget type Soprano, over the years there have been a number of special edition ranges, the first in 2006 being the Sparkle series where they added a flake finish to the standard colours. Next and most famously in 2007 came the Rock series; a range of Sopranos that pays homage to some famous electric Guitar body shapes. In 2008 they produced a range of 3 Roundbody Ukuleles, harking back to the Roundbodys of the 1920's and 30's, (particularly the Gretsch ones), which they called this the art series. In 2009 they produced a series of Ukuleles decorated with pictures of fruit called Cocktail Ukuleles. In 2010 they had another "Art Series" this time of highly decorated Sopranos but with the decoration aimed at a more adult audience, similar to, and contemporary with, Kala's Ukedelic range. This range was notable in its own right though as it introduced the "Smile" Ukulele with the two small soundhole like eyes that has gone on to be widely copied, (and Team International have tried to patent the idea). 2011 saw a range of Ukuleles decorated with national flags (another idea Kala have used and I don't know who did it first?). in 2012 they introduced the Surf range, this was made up of solid bodied electric Ukulele loosely based on a surfboard shape and also introduced a Lapsteel Guitar to the range. In 2013 they made a concerted effort to produce some more up market models with the Mahogany range and the custom series. Some of these ranges like the Rock series they have continues with some like the first art series they have discontinued. In 2014 they introduced the Kahiko and the Kahiko+ ranges. These have a stain rather than a solid colour and are made from a wood called sengon(?): the plus has better frets and Aquila strings. They released a couple of solid body Uke-Basses with Aquila Thundergut strings in 2014 as well, and I have also seen a Mahalo Banjolele but there is no mention of it on any website. In 2015 they released a range of Sopranos they call the Kahiko range in four semi-gloss, transparent colours with sengon bodies and necks.

Gypsy Rose

This is a range of instruments aimed at getting tweenage girls interested in playing music. As well as Ukuleles there are also acoustic and electric Guitars, and electric Basses in the range. However whilst the Ukuleles are a standard size, the Guitars, and I think this is a clever idea are seven eighths size to be more comfortable for girls to play. All instruments come in the choice of Pink, Purple or Black but only the Ukuleles get the pink strings and star shaped tuners (that are the coolest machine heads ever!)

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