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Tom "Thumb" Nato Acoustic Sopranino at Ukulele Corner
TUP-200 Mini
Tom Cedar & Rosewood Acoustic Soprano at Ukulele Corner
TUS-690 Soprano
QMI Pineapple
Huizhou Tom Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. and the Tom Brand was started in 2011 as a Ukulele brand for China and Southeast Asia. In the beginning it didn't have its own facilities and so the actual Ukuleles were made by a number of Chinese factories and Musical instrument manufacture and distribution firms, most notably Queen Musical Instrument Co. though as this firm specialised in brass and woodwind it subcontracted the actual manufacture out to firms like Enya. In 2013 Tom set up it's own factory in Huizhou, Guangdong, and set about expanding its business worldwide.

Though they still produce Sopranos, a Pineapple and a Mini, in their "Basic" range, the focus these days is on Concert and Tenor scale in a number of the standard wood combinations. they don't appear to have any Baritones in their current catalogue and apart from Guitaleles, no extra string models either.

In 2014 they started their top end brand of, (I believe), solid wood Ukuleles and they called it Nalu (nothing to do with the California Nalu brand). Again there is a Soprano but its mainly Concert and Tenor models

I have seen Ukuleles branded QMI at the time Tom was linked with Queen Musical Instruments, that look identical to some of the Tom range so though I haven't seen definitive proof I think these were something to do with that tie up?.

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