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Kiso Concert
MIGM music is good medicine Soprano Ukulele
2009 MIMG Soprano
Takamine are a respected Japanese acoustic Guitar manufacturer, founded in 1959 at the foot of Takamine Mountain (hence the name). They may have had Ukuleles as part of their catalogue in the 60's, (I'm not sure, they certainly had Mandolins?), but they (re)introduced them to a worldwide audience in 2010. This was as a result of Jake Shimabukuro teaming up with the Music Is Good Medicine organization and asking Takamine to produce a "good cause" special MIMG Soprano Ukulele. Takamine, once they had geared up for its creation, continued with a new Takamine G series range of laminate mahogany Soprano, Concert and Tenor that were made in China. In 2013 the Ukuleles were removed from the range for a while but they were back in the catalogue by 2018. 

It appears, though there is no mention of it on their website, that Takamine have made Ukuleles in Japan under the brand name Kiso These are of a far higher standard that the G series and are all solid koa and electro acoustic. I have seen Concert and Tenor models on sale in Japan but beyond seeing them for sale I have found no information on them. Plus, and again only in Japan, Takamine have put out much higher quality (and price) Ukuleles under their own name with an S model number

I have less information on but have seen that in Japan in 2009 they were producing a laminate, (I believe), koa Soprano with friction tuners for sale only in Japan. This had a TU 1KG model number but I don't have any information on the range, when production started? if there were other scale lengths? anything? It seems to have finished when the G series started though.

Though concurrent with the big export of instruments including Ukuleles to the west in the 60's, Takamine didn't really get involved and they only made and sold Takamine branded instruments

In 2015 Takamine entered into a partnership with the solid body electric Guitar manufacturer ESP as the two ranges complemented each other. I don't believe ESP in their 40 year existence pre this partnership ever made Ukulele s though
They are nothing to do with the Indian firm Takamin Musical Industries

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