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My Blue Comet(?) Roundbody
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I know very little about Taylor as a maker? There is a small decorated round bodied Ukulele shown in the Ukulele Hall of Fame they call the "Taylor Roundbody", however this is the only example of a Taylor in the Hall of Fame reference section and this is the only reference to Taylor as a Ukulele maker - or distributor, I have found anywhere? I have seen other examples of the Ukulele though and not just the decorated model. In fact I have an example in my collection. It came to me with no information but after some research I have found the example I have may well have been sold as a Blue Comet. Blue Comet was a brand name, (probably), used by Perlberg & Halpin the New York distributors but they didn't make instruments. I have also seen one labeled by PMICo, (another New York distributor), and what looks like the same Ukulele in Schoenhut's 1927 catalogue, (they call it the Collegiate?) as well as unbranded examples. What they have in common is; they are small (about 18½in or 47cm long with a 6½in 16cm diameter and an 11½in 29cm scale length), have a large pointed headstock, a floating bridge, (if its not been lost), and a plain metal tailpiece. I think they would have originally come with wooden friction pegs (but these have often been replaced - I replaced the ones on mine, but I was replacing an older set of replacement tuners), but like the floating bridge these have often been lost and replaced.

As I have said I have found nothing out about Taylor so I don't know if they were the actual maker or just another distributor? An alternative that seems likely is that this was actually made in Germany by one of the many Pre WW2 "Hawaiian Mandolin" makers, (and it would be simpler to explain how mine came into the UK). Or, there is a possibility that Schoenhut made it, they had the capability, (or imported it from Germany as they did with a lot of their instruments)

I have seen Regal suggested as the maker but they certainly weren't made by Regal

Any further information or pictures would be helpful?

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