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taylor guitars Ukulele
2011 Koa
taylor guitars Ukulele
2012 Mahogany
taylor guitars Ukulele
GS Mini Uke Bass

Taylor Guitars, a top US Guitar maker that doesn't include Ukuleles in the regular catalogue. However in 2011 they built a limited number, (40), of Koa Tenor Ukuleles that they marketed as a set with a matched Guitar in the limited edition premium "Builders Reserve Series IV" range. They did this again in 2012 with the "Builders Reserve Series VII" range, only this time with 50 Mahogany Tenors. Their website also suggests they have made some one off custom Ukuleles for people too?

I say they don't include Ukuleles in the regular catalogue, but what they do have is a range of ¾ Guitar called GS Mini. With a standard guitar tuning and a 23 inch scale they are too big to be called Guitaleles but the range does include an acoustic Bass that still has a 23 inch scale length and uses strings designed for a Uke Bass, so this should be considered to be a Uke Bass

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