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Veillette Merlin custom Guitalele 6 string guitar ukulele
Veillette 4 string mandolin ukulele

Veillette avanti Guitalele 6 string guitar ukulele
Avanti Gryphon Guitalele

Veillette Guitars, founded in 1975 (as Veillette-Citron) in New York USA by Joe Veillette, and mainly make Guitars and Mandolins. They have made at least one custom Baritone Ukulele and also some Guitaleles based on their Merlin model Guitar (with an open option to make more plus other scales if asked). There are now a number of other luthiers beyond Joe to do all of the work in the US plus there is a Korean factory that makes instruments branded Avanti based on Joes designs.

Another thing the workshop specialises in is double neck chordophones, a number of which have a short Ukulele like neck

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