Ray Vincent

Rays Rootworks Baritone
Ray Vincent nautilus back
Nautilus Back
Ray Vincent Uke Bass
"The Bud" Uke Bass
Based in Peterborough, Ontario he has been in business since 2012. He is largely self taught and makes a number of instruments like Guitars, Mandolins, Harps, Dulcimers and even Kalimbas (a kind of thumb harp). With the chordophones He mainly uses a body shape inspired by the golden ratio and looking very organic, these and often come with an unusual nautilus like bowl backed too and he calls this design "Roots". In some instances his wife adds some leaf motif decorations by burning the wood with a soldering iron.

In his catalogue he includes a 15 inch Concert, a 17 inch Tenor and a 20 inch scale official Baritone Ukulele; plus a Uke Bass version he calls "the Bud". Beyond these he also has a 21 inch and 23 inch, (Tenor Guitar?) scale model that he calls "the Root" and just describes as a 4 string instrument, (or 5, as he does a 5 string version too). With this you can have nylon or steel strings and he lists a wide range of tunings including Ukulele ones. For the Buds he fits a piezo pickup to all models for the others it is an option.

I have seen an oval bodied Baritone Ukulele he has made and he called this body shape "the turtle" rather than the nautilus shaped "roots"

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