Wagas (Crafts) Ukuleles

wagas chubby soprano Ukulele
the Chubby
wagas travel soprano Ukulele
the Travel
wagas soprano Ukulele
the Violele
Wagas Crafts started in 1998 specializing in wooden collapsible baskets. It was founded by Ritchie Wagas in Cebu, the Philippines. Over the years they have added a number of other small wooden craft items to their catalogue and in 2013 Ukuleles were added to the list. Ritchie Wagas did have some luthiery training from one of the older Guitar makers in Cebu, but has set the production in his workshop to concentrate on the routing out method for the back and sides using locally grown mahogany; he like to call this process "making edgeless Ukuleles".

The Ukuleles are usually Soprano scale but they come in all sorts of shapes and are often very colourfully painted too. As well as standard sized Ukuleles they also make a range of very thin, (2.8cm), bodied acoustic Ukuleles they call Travel Ukuleles"

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