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Weymann Keystone state Soprano Ukulele
No. 10 Soprano
Weymann Keystone state Soprano Ukulele
No. 116 Soprano
Weymann 225 Banjolele Banjo Ukulele
Style 225 Banjolele
Weymann & Son was a high-quality builder of fretted Instruments in Philadelphia USA, founded in 1864 and in business until the 1930s. As well as making Instruments they also rebadged ones others had made. Weymann's "Musical Merchandise" catalogue No. 50, issued in about 1931, describes the company as "Manufacturers, Importers and Jobbers of Everything Musical." It has 112 pages and does contain a lot of different instruments. They were also making Ukuleles from fairly early in the history, I have seen a 1914 advert for their Ukuleles

Brand names they used include Weymann, W&S (Weymann & Son), Keystone State and Varsity

Because of their Philadelphia location, it is known they re-badged other instruments and their Ukuleles look a bit like Martin's, most owners claim theirs was actually made by Martin but in most cases this is not true. Martin did make some Ukuleles plus a few Taropatches and Guitars for Waymann, but by no means all of them and it is fairly easy to spot the different bridge, fretboard tongue and dot layout if you compare them

Also their Varsity brand had nothing to do with the Hawkes Varsity brand Ukuleles on sale in the UK at around the same time

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