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Beech Buddy Soprano
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The US website says the parent company, (I have never managed to find anything on them!) make a raft of stringed and wind instruments and have been doing so for more than 20 years but since 2013 have included a plastic Soprano Ukuleles in a variety of decorative finishes, (some of which look like they were taken from curtain patterns!) A couple of notable things, (apart from the patterns), are the very Maccaferri like bridge design and the distance from the nut to the zero fret - These are both features I have not seen on other Chinese made Ukuleles since releasing them in the US under the Woodi brand name I am increasingly seeing them in other places and with different brand names, some of which, (like Normans who asked me to review one as well, with a view to putting it out under their Rocket Brand - I don't know how influential my review was but they never did market them?) may be the own branding of small resellers given that mostly I am seeing them as the only Ukulele in the brand and I am not sure of the Chinese factory behind them I will make a list of the brandings I have seen here

Woodi USA

The original. Founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2013, this is apparently the factories US distribution company and does put a number of other instruments like recorders out under the name too. Originally they were unbranded but the later ones have the W harp logo on the headstock. The website appears to have closed in 2016/17 and though there were still around for a while after that I'm not sure if they are still being made?

Beach Buddy

Starting in 2014 I have seen the same Ukuleles on sale in Germany with the addition of a small yellow logo for this branding on the headstock. sometimes Classic Cantabile is also mentioned (though there is no branding for this on the Ukuleles?) and this may be an own brand of Musikhaus Kirstein


This is the branding used by US distributor Volz Music for this range and includes some translucent and transparent finishes


Distributor based in Portland, Oregon, USA. I have seen a website and the designs have no specific logos printed on them (and if you dig into the website they are calling them Woodi)


A Czech distributor/retailer who uses this name when selling unbranded ones

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