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Zachary Taylor range of Ukuleles
Zachary Taylor range
Zachary Taylor Bass (Scale not setup)
Bass scale??
Zachary Taylor Concert made in Vietnam
Vietnam made Concert
Ronald Zachary Taylor was a UK luthier, who learned the art in Spain in the early 1960's and went gone on to teach luthiery and inlay all over Europe. He has also written 14 books on the subject and in addition to his woodworking and literary skills he was a professional classical guitarist and an expert in the early guitar and its ancestral relatives. He worked one a number of other projects too, including acting as a consultant for the Mid East range of "themed" Ukuleles, for more information there is a full biography on the website. Most of his output has been Guitars and related instruments but this does include all of the standard scales of Ukulele and an extra one he describes as Bass. In his case this means a scale length bigger than a Baritone so like a Tenor Guitar, Chicago tuned, but with a fat neck. I have not seen him make a Sopranino though. All of the Ukuleles I have seen of his have spruce tops, but he uses a variety of different woods for the back and sides and on the headstock he puts an inlaid ZT.

Towards the end of his life he had set up manufacturing of his Ukulele and some other of his chordophone designs with a firm in Vietnam

He died in 2018

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