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zither heaven ukulele
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Quoting from their Website - "Zither Heaven, LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of quality wooden musical instruments for children and beginners. We use sustainable native North American hardwoods, along with other components manufactured in the U.S., to create great sounding musical instruments for kids and adults. Our current product offering includes thumb pianos, psalteries, banjos, ukuleles, harps, and Rock-it Sticks"

Back to the Ukuleles and the ones they made were either Soprano or Concert scale and a choice of a natural finish in cherry, maple or walnut, or a painted yellow, blue, red or pink. Then there were the all wood Tenor scale Banjoleles that came in black, red or natural cherry or walnut as well. On top of these catalogue standard models, they did limited runs with special paint jobs or went even further with things like a Pineapple Ukulele.

As well as the Ukuleles there was a large number of other instruments, but for the purposes of this site most noticeably they produced a 4 string "Mandolin"; but its the same neck with nylon frets (so can't use steel strings), bridge and scale length as the Soprano, so I guess its just how you tune it?

All of the instruments started with zither style tuning pegs, hence the name, but in 2013 they started to put friction tuners on some models.

Zither Heaven went out of business in 2016

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